Fred's Fans

Fifteen years ago Andrea Gibson brought some bread samples to the restaurant for us to try. Fifteen years later we are still serving and enjoying her breads. Andrea's enthusiasm and dedication to quality has never faltered, here's to the next fifteen. Best wishes and congratulations. 
- Partner/Executive Chef Scaramouche, Toronto

Andrea Damon Gibson has reconceived what great bread should be and raised the bar with her craftsmanship and passion. Fred's Bread has never compromised, has stayed true to their vision of the highest possible quality and is why I have only wanted to serve their crusty, intensely flavoured loaves at The Gallery Grill. 
- Suzanne Baby
Chef at The Gallery Grill, Hart House, Toronto

Our love for fine foods and offering the best products we could source, led us to Fred's Breads. These beautiful crusty loaves are fabulous with cheese. The walnut bread was designed with fine cheese in mind.

Fred's Breads have been a staple in our store since opening. We love these perfectly made, crusty loaves on their own, or with a nice runny, stinky Epoisse. 
- Steven Epstein & Kelly Siskind
Owners of Dags & Willow Fine Cheese and Gourmet Shop, Collingwood

Fred's Bread has consistent and high quality products. They are always trying to improve their products by offering new, inventive and seasonally unique product. Andrea, Steve and all the members of the Fred's Bread Family are a pleasure to deal with! 
-Michael Wilson
Executive Chef Crush Wine Bar